intimate wedding
at tapada de mafra

Xenia & Fred

the emotion, the mysticism, the power, the true love.. this wedding had all the stars aligned

Our journey with Xenia and Fred has been a great adventure, in the true meaning of it. Two days before the wedding, by the work of the universe, they had to follow their intuition and change the location of the celebration to the one they always wanted: the mystical and wild Tapada de Mafra. That place was made for them, the sound of the wind in the branches of the trees, the leaves falling naturally at the bride's entrance, the goosebumps on the skin of everyone present.. as if all those who have already left, were there, at that precious moment, just for them.

These two love birds have a love that started many years ago but that is getting stronger every day and their pure essence has conquered our hearts. The day started in Tapada de Mafra forest and ended at the sea, perfectly representing the path of perseverance, union and trust that they've walked together. X&F you are true friends now, we will always, and every day, be here for you, with all our heart and soul.