because love remains, because memories are all we have, because everything happens for a reason..

every story every moment


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We are Patricia & Miguel, a creative couple that firmly believes in love! We give life to your story and all genuine moments - the real laughs, the quiet whispers, the silly jokes, the juicy love that makes your story uniquely yours. We like to go beyond just capturing your day by deeply connecting with you, learning what makes your connection special, and creating powerful images to tell your story in a gentle, exclusive, and meaningful way.

— we believe that love is a frequency and we want to vibrate together with our couples



but you can fly us to the moon

based in PORTUGAL

this is an inclusive space for all human beings, because love must always be free, wild and rare

“after a lot of research, there was something different about Patricia & Miguel.. I could just feel their good energy even before meeting them in person.. we didn't just want some photographers, we wanted someone to see us through the lens, and you were those people!

margarida & diogo


"you captured every little moment, even the ones we didn't notice.. it's amazing how you deliver something so beautiful and special that can take us back to our wedding day every time we watch the photos & film"

Catarina & naim


“people with an incredible heart and with whom we created a great connection from the beginning.. we couldn't have chosen better and we know they will be the people who will record all the important moments in our lives. thank you”


mariana & miguel


let's spread the love

your story deserves to be told in a gentle and exclusive way, through powerful images