knot, connection, expansion;
a point where one thing joins another;
the intersection of human connection.

these are the moments

that make us feel alive

NODE means everything we will focus on to capture your wedding day: the intersection of human connection.  The excitement in the preparations, the tears in the exchange of vows, the gentle touch of the wind giving shivers to the guests, the crazy moves on the dance floor, your eyes when you see each other for the first time.. These are the moments we live for, and that we will want to capture in detail. The in between moments that often get lost in the chaos, and that'll make you think "but how did you even see this?".

and approach

our style

More than capturing everything perfectly in the right place and lining up people to take pictures of a posed moment, we are here to create beautiful imagery of your personalities, your essence, your story, with an authentic editorial style.

Our ideal client is full of personality, whose heart beat faster at spontaneous moments and doesn’t settle for ordinary. Above all, you need to be eager to push boundaries and be yourself to end up with results that speak to your unique experiences and styles. We love unconventional and creative weddings, with great attention to detail, couples who do exactly what they want instead of just following protocol.

Our couples

We consider ourselves more than just another vendors - we like to provide a unique experience for couples who fully align with our vision. We want to be fully available and aligned with you, that's why we only accept an average of 12 weddings per year, so we can be there for you throughout the entire process, fully committed to giving you the best experience

We look at each person as a unique individual human being, fostering an everlasting bond between us. This connection and trust is the key to creating magic in a visual story. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable enough to trust what we're doing, so we can create something special together, rather than just getting the job done. We become heavily invested in our couples and only accept an average of 12 weddings/year. 

Our approach is centered on documenting natural moments and authentic personalities. We are not interested in forcing kisses or cheesy smiles just to get a photo. For us, the best images are those that are not staged and in which you can truly be yourselves.


Memories of a lifetime

your experience matters

your story is our inspiration

Every couple's tale is unique and we let ourselves to be naturally influenced by your story and emotions. Our goal is to document each love story as it unfolds, in a fashion that is editorial and authentic. We do photo & film in the same style, capturing your day as unique as it was and creating a narrative within every frame. Our work reflects who our truly are.

connection is everything

Stylish hipster weddings, rooftop elopements in your favorite city, free ceremonies with your best friends.. The day is yours and the possibilities are unlimited! This moment is for you and your partner, so if you wish to break the rules, we are here for it. Wear a black dress, ditch the cake, or say "I do" on a mountain.. whatever makes this day feel like your own.






As everyone sits down for dinner, we spend about 30 minutes with the two of you. This is a special moment as it is the only time during the entire day that you can be together alone and truly look at each other eyes. We do some creative shots and also capture authentic moments between you.

During dinner time we'll enjoy our meal, being ready to jump in at any moment you need us but always without interrupting service and your time with delicious much needed food.

Our day usually ends just after the first dance, where we'll come to say goodbye and let you enjoy the evening without the pressure of the cameras.

During your wedding day we like to blend in as another one of the guests just so you can enjoy every moment as it naturally unfolds. Sometimes during preparations we'll suggest you place yourself in a spot that has better light and we may even tell a joke so we can capture your authentic smiles.

Our directions are as little as possible about the perfect pose and more to bring out your true essence and whatever you feel comfortable with.

During the ceremony we do not direct a thing, we like to document everything that happens, all the reactions and every precious moment,  special those moments that went unseen.


For the feel of the photos & film we'll keep in mind the energy of the day and your personalities, as we want everything to perfectly match who you are, plus the vibe of all those special moments. In terms of photo editing, our style is warm with less saturated green tones and just the right amount of grain for that extra texture. Oh, and we absolutely love black & white images.

We dedicate all our energy and attention to do justice to your unique love story, giving the time needed to music selection, sound design and colour grading, but above all, we'll put all our hearts and souls into recreating your day all over again, so you'll have memories to cherish for years to come.

our EDITING process

Photo & Video



No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey

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