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1. knot, connection, expansion;
2. a point where one thing joins another;
3. the intersection of human connection.


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When dinner's served, we appreciate being seated among the guests so no moment is missed. This inclusion helps us meld into the celebrations - we eat when you do (let's be honest, nobody wants photos of themselves munching away!). If speeches are on the agenda, we subtly position ourselves to capture heartfelt reactions.

Your special day is here, and more than having perfect images, we focus on capturing your beautiful story, as we want you to look back at these images and get all those feelings over and over again. Storytelling is everything to us, and we'll capture a variety of narrative images: evocative shots that set the ambiance, the venues before guests arrive, and images that encapsulate the day's atmosphere, from the weather to every decor detail.

We usually start the day with the bride and groom preparations, where we like to blend in as just another guest. We want you to feel at ease, without the weird feeling of having cameras capturing all your moves. While occasionally we might suggest a better-lit spot in the room, our guidance is minimal, so you can truly do everything at your own time, and the way it makes sense to you. For the wedding party photos, we allocate about 15 minutes to capture some memorable group images, if requested. We usually take shots of individual moments with each friend and group shots - some of these can be looking at the camera and others more casual/spontaneous.

During the ceremony, we document everything as it happens without directing a thing. We focus on genuine emotions and let the reactions from your loved ones shine through. Now is the time to capture the tears that fall, the ring on your fingers for the first time, and all the speeches, vows and rituals that will be part of your ceremony.

After the ceremony is the perfect time for family portraits and we love taking these candid photos while you enjoy some cocktails with your favorite people. If more traditional photos with close family members or group shots are desired, now's the perfect time. As the cocktail hour unfolds, we immerse ourselves, capturing fleeting emotions and moments.

Dedicating around 30 minutes to an hour for portraits of the two of you (based on your preference), we'll capture images of your real personalities and mood - candid or more posed, kissing or playing serious - everything is possible, as long as it describes you. We tailor our approach to resonate with your unique dynamic and comfort level. This intimate photo session is your private moment amidst the chaos, probably the only moment that day when the two of you will be alone, truly looking into each other's eyes. 

Finally, it's party time!! You'll find us right on the dance floor, in the midst of the action, seizing those vibrant, energetic moments! We typically stay around for the initial 30 minutes of dancing, catching you both on the dancefloor, and everyone lost in the rhythm.

We love to be inspired by your personalities, vision, ideas and moodboards, but we do not work with photo lists (except family photos, of course). We love having creative flow and freedom to tell your unique narrative through our personalized storyteller eye.

We don't control the timing of your day and we never force our couples to do anything they don't want to do. We work together with wedding planners (and all vendors) in a meaningful and collaborative relationship, but we communicate directly with you throughout the entire process, so we can build a trusting relationship and get to know you better and more deeply, with each conversation.



For the feel of the photos & film we'll keep in mind the energy of the day and your personalities, as we want everything to perfectly match who you are, plus the vibe of all those special moments. Our style is warm with just the right amount of color vibrancy/contrast and a bit of grain for that extra texture.

We always prefer natural light but love a great flash for the evening and party moments. Oh, and we absolutely love black & white images, so usually about 35% of the delivered wedding gallery is b&w white images.

We create photo and film in the same style. We dedicate all our energy and attention to do justice to your unique love story, giving the time needed to music selection, sound design and colour grading, but above all, we'll put all our hearts and souls into recreating your day all over again, so you'll have memories to cherish for years to come.


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No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey

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