Deep conversations after a sunset dip in the ocean are our kind of jam! We love connecting with different people, immersing ourselves in their stories and portraying their personalities through our creative eye.

We started NODE Creations after travelling the world for 3 years with just our backpacks: we worked with some of the best hotels, captured different communities across Asia and fell in love with storytelling. When we returned to Portugal we knew that we wanted to dive deeper into emotions and freeze moments in time.

We are passionate about movement, emotion, and life in general. We believe that there's a style that speaks to everyone, and ours is genuine and passionate: we're all about raw moments, messy hairs and timeless love.

patricia & miguel

being human

is what has helped us most to become internationally published photographer/videographer, mentors and successful entrepreneurs.

We are not just storytellers, we are listeners, empathetic, caring, and friends. The human side of any business will always be what we value the most on a personal level, as well as respect for the people we photograph, creating a safe space for you to feel the most like yourself.

We are lovers, travel buddies, and storytellers. he's the videographer, she's the photographer. he's the heart, she's the soul.

Being chosen to document the most important days in someone’s life makes us crazy happy and we feel the luckiest person on earth to be surrounded by amazing human beings who trust our vision and ideas to tell their story. We love capturing the true essence of a person/place/brand and all the real stuff - the smiles, the tears, the unexpected words, the most vulnerable parts. We are here to deeply connect, share little stories, get vulnerable, dance together, laugh together and cry together, like only real friends do.

we travel the globe for love

people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel





Patricia and Miguel are two incredible human beings, with a tremendous natural talent to capture moments and feelings in a way totally loyal to everyone’s essence. When we started planning the wedding, we were only sure of one thing: we wanted them to make the full coverage of the day because we knew they were the only professionals that could eternalize everything. And even knowing this from the beginning, when we received the photos and film we were blown away with everything and the way they made us relive every single moment like we were there living it again with the same emotions and details. We are so thankful and honored to have had them in our wedding! Besides this professional side, they are two beautiful souls, kind and so good to spend time with that made us feel totally comfortable being in front of the cameras. We will forever be thankful for these memories of the most beautiful day of our lives. 

We all imagine our wedding day as if it were a movie... Every moment, every detail with a beauty worthy of being seen on a movie screen by millions of people... Well, Miguel and Patricia, the NODE did much more than that... They managed to make two people who were afraid of interacting with a camera super comfortable with it! They made each session so natural that it was as if no one else was there, allowing us to be authentic, without any filters... Even for the honeymoon they gave us tips ahah Without a doubt it was the best choice we could have made! Today if we have to think of photographers/videographers of choice, only NODE come to mind! We want them to photograph all the future moments of our lives! Undoubtedly the best!

maria + vitor

I have no words to describe not only Patrícia and Miguel's work, but also the wonderful people they are! We were one of the first couples contacting them to capture our wedding and as soon as I met them, I fell in love. I knew I was going in the right direction and that I was right (my intuition was right) . They have not only registered our wedding, but they have also photographed the wedding of my parents, other friends, and also our pregnancy reveal.. it has been quite an experience. They are a choice you will never regret.

margarida + diogo

bruna + miguel

There aren't enough words to describe your excellence and professionalism, from the first moment we met, we knew we couldn't have chosen better. When we saw these images we were able to go back to those moments and remember how happy we were that day, we cannot thank you enough.