Deep conversations after a sunset dip in the ocean are our kind of jam! We love connecting with different people, immersing ourselves in their stories and portraying their personalities through our creative eye.

We started NODE Creations after travelling the world for 3 years with just our backpacks: we worked with some of the best hotels, captured different communities across Asia and fell in love with storytelling. When we returned to Portugal we knew that we wanted to dive deeper into emotions and freeze moments in time.

We are passionate about movement, emotion, and life in general. We believe that there's a style that speaks to everyone, and ours is genuine and passionate: we're all about raw moments, messy hairs and dirty clothes.

A little about Us

photographer and videographer . travel buddies . LOVERS. storytellers .

patricia & miguel

being human

is what has helped us most to become internationally published photographer/videographer, mentors and successful entrepreneurs.

We are not just storytellers, we are listeners, empathetic, caring, and friends. The human side of any business will always be what we value the most on a personal level, as well as respect for the people we photograph, creating a safe space for you to feel the most like yourself.

Being chosen to document the most important days in someone’s life makes us crazy happy and we feel the luckiest person on earth to be surrounded by amazing human beings who trust our vision and ideas to tell their story. We love capturing the true essence of a person/place/brand and all the real stuff - the smiles, the tears, the unexpected words, the most vulnerable parts. We are here to deeply connect, share little stories, get vulnerable, dance together, laugh together and cry together, like only real friends do.

we travel the globe for love

people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel