beach destination wedding at set lounge azurara

In the sun-kissed shores of Set Lounge Azurara, Leticia and Neil traveled from the green landscapes of Ireland to the golden sands of Portugal to vow their love for each other. With the gentle whisper of the waves as their serenade and the vast expanse of the beach as their aisle, Leticia & Neil were surrounded by their cherished loved ones, and especially celebrating with their two beautiful children.

The bright sun reflected the warmth of their union, with the party starting right after the sunset (and after they opened their first champagne bottle as an officially married couple). Leticia and Neil, you created a moment so intimate and heartwarming - may your love always be as vast as the ocean and as warm as the sun.

LETICIA + NEIL, from green ireland to golden portugal

VENUE | set lounge azurara
music | Miguel correia