enchanting celestial wedding
at solar de pancas

Inês Rochinha & Tomás

A couple that made everyone fly to the moon

Inspired by the universe, the starry sky and the magic of the night, Inês and Tomás gathered all their dearest family members and closest friends at the historic venue Solar de Pancas to witness the most important YES of their lives. The ceremony left everyone in tears, telling the story of how they met each other, and the celebrations continued at the table by the light of many candles and singular details.

Inês and Tomás really made us fly to the moon by being present on this intense and emotional day. It was something special and unique, a day that will forever stay in our hearts and minds. I&T we wish you only the best, and that every day of your lives may be filled with this same magic and love, because you're truly made for each other.